Greenhouse Plant Society Workshops
Each workshop is followed by a greenhouse tour
You can even put in a pre-order (based on availability) if there are certain plants you want held for you at our May plant sale!


January 26 from 10-11:30  Garden Tool Care

Bring your pruning shears, your shovels, …your garden tools and participate in a hands-on session to clean, oil, sharpen, and generally prepare your tools for spring gardening.  After the hands-on workshop, participants will get a full tour of the greenhouse so that you can see what’s being grown. Instructor:  Dennis Green, Master Gardener

February 23 from 10-11:30  Ikebana

Ikebana is the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging.  Come and see a demonstration of a few Ikebana styles, then try your own!  Each arrangement is asymmetrical with an interesting story behind it.  There will be a fee of $5 cash due that morning for flowers/materials.  Instructor:  Rita Zeitz, Master Gardener

March 23 from 9:30-11:30  Plant Propagation

There are 4 basic methods of plant propagation: seeds, cuttings, division and air layering.  Come and observe, then practice all four methods.  Learn which plants can be divided, which need to have cuttings taken, which can be rooted in water and the materials to help you do either.  The workshop will be set up in four stations illustrating each method of propagation.  Instructors:  Master Gardeners

April 27 from 10-11:30  Container Gardening

Watch a Master Gardener illustrate the basic principles of container gardening using plants from our greenhouse.  Four or more kinds of container gardening will be illustrated:  containers for shade and sun, containers with succulents and water plants, and more!  This will be more of a demonstration class than a hands-on class.  Basic principles of container gardening will be covered, then each type of container will be modeled.   Instructor:  Rita Zeitz, Master Gardener

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